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Recipes with Gorgonzola Gelmini cheese

Patatine novelle al forno con Gorgonzola e noci

Appetizers (Hors d’Oeuvre in French, Antipasto in Italian) are some of the most fun things to make in the kitchen.This is where you can show your creative side, both in the preparation and presentation.

Tartine Gorgonzola fichi e miele

I just sat down with a tartine and a glass of wine and thought out loud “I wish I could just take the weekend off and smell the roses”. To which my husband sent me an inquisitive look similar to asking “really? you would?!” Ah! No. He got me there. I don’t wish that at all. Even in the craziest of times when everything comes together in one giant “ca passe ou ca casse” bawoop, I still would not change anything.

Braciole Cinque Stelle

An easy and exciting recipe, chops with melted Gorgonzola. Very quick to be prepared in the evening even for last-minute invitations, to make a good impression on guests.  They can be a complete meal, substantial and easily digestible thanks to Gorgonzola.

Insalata di melagrana e Gorgonzola

Pomegranates are among my favorite autumn fruits. Their ruby red color, their sweetness, fresh drops like the morning frost, tasty like the most precious fruit, protected by a shell that knows its duty, to preserve such a tastiness that is also a symbol of luck, fertility and friendship.

Cappuccino di melone con schiuma di Gorgonzola

An easy, fresh and summery aperitif as a starter for a barbecue with your friends but also as a fresh dessert to end a Sunday brunch.