Caseificio Gelmini Carlo S.r.l.
  • Caseificio Gelmini Carlo S.r.l.

Today’s company

In the past, the company was formed by two plants: one in Besate, where milk processing and production still take place today, and one in Novara, where cheeses were aged before being selected, packaged and shipped.

In 2004, a new aging warehouse was opened in Besate. Together with the existing production plant (opened in 1997), the Gelmini dairy provided itself with a cutting-edge structure in the aging process of PDO Gorgonzola cheese. Technology and tradition guarantee a high-quality product with the utmost attention to sanitary aspects, which are two priorities for the Gelmini company. Today our Gorgonzola is sold on the national and international market, especially thanks to exports to America, Switzerland, Germany, France and Spain and also to the Asiatic and eastern areas. Gelmini’s Gorgonzola is a symbol of tradition and craftsmanship which takes consumers back to the authentic taste of Gorgonzola: thanks to this characteristic we are leaders in the deli sector servicing retailers and larger supermarket chains, which want to give prominence to an excellent product within every customer’s reach.