About us


Caseificio Gelmini

Welcome to Caseificio Gelmini, intertwining quality and tradition to offer you the best Gorgonzola DOP produced for over three generations. Located in the heart of Lombardy in Besate, the Gelmini company produces high-quality cheeses using only controlled and certified raw materials. Originally built in 1997, the factory was the expanded in 2004 with the new sector for cheese ageing. The building occupies an area of approximately 7000m2 and brings together in a single structure the three production phases of Gorgonzola DOP cheese: cheesemaking, ageing and packaging.

For many generations the Gelmini family has been producing Gorgonzola Dop, combining the most traditional dairy techniques with advanced technologies in order to guarantee both quality and taste in the constant product process. Their aim is to introduce its consumers to the authentic taste of Gorgonzola DOP.


Quality and Tradition

Tradition and quality are the cornerstones of the Gelmini family: proudly inheriting a long history of dairy production from our previous generations, Gelmini translates such a heritage into commitment and will to continue to transmit the passion for authentic quality DOP Gorgonzola. For several generations, the love for this cheese has inspired and guided our work, accompanied by attention to the health and environmental aspects. Respect for the environment is at the center of our work, with the awareness that this attention is fundamental for the well-being of future generations and to preserve the territory in which we operate uncontaminated.”


A long-lasting tradition since 1800

The company was founded in the end of 1800 in the heart of the typical Gorgonzola area in Besate, right on the banks of the Ticino river and surrounded by once navigable canals. In fact, the production of Gorgonzola developed and definitively established during the mid-1800s with the first maturing structures alongside with the process of the water resources canalization. In such an era of great opportunities, Gorgonzola Gelmini began and affirmed its relevance, first as a small artisan company producing typical cheeses from the Lombardy area and then as a modern and established industry at a national and international level, thanks to the figure of Carlo Gelmini, a profound connoisseur of the king of blue cheeses, a man born and raised in the company and who was able to transform the business inherited from his grandparents into the current company. Now, the third generation represented by Carlo Gelmini’s children leads the company by following the very same philosophy, drawing inspiration from the Italian dairy tradition, the quality and the health and hygiene safety of the products; a set of genuine values handed down from father to son.