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Our dairy products are the result of decades of artisanal production. Nowadays, the best technology provides us with a valid help from a qualitative perspective, without altering the natural balance that regulates production and in the respect of the traditional production process. Gorgonzola Gelmini reminds us of the authentic flavor of Gorgonzola: this is why we are leaders in the sector of delicatessens and of large-scale retail trade, bringing such a high quality and pre-packaged products directly to the consumer.


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It is the top of our product range. The scrupolous craftsmanship and seasoning enhance its particular balance between taste and creaminess. Packaged in classic sizes and pre-packaged lines with both fixed and variable weight.

Created starting from the most ancient dairy tradition, this cheese has a characteristic strong flavour ideal for the most demanding palates. With a marked marbling and a compact and sustained texture, it is packaged in classic sizes and pre-packaged lines with both fixed and variable weight.

The top-quality Gorgonzola Dop, soft and creamy with a sweet and aromatic taste. Besides the typical characteristics of the most famous blue cheese from Lombardia, such a cheese presents a particularly high environmental value that only organic farming can provide.

It is a composite product of DOP gorgonzola and mascarpone, a first-class cheese which combined with mascarpone and, therefore, creating a natural and successful marriage of contrasts between savours and taste.

The line Cremamore is composed by four types of products: Gorgonzola Dop, Erborinato di capra (Goat blue cheese), Gorgonzola DOP Biologico and Erborinato al tartufo (Truffle Blue Cheese). Such cheeses have in common an incomparable creaminess and a unique production process that gives the product an extremely creamy though thick consistency on the palat.

Our Truffle blue cheese is a soft and creamy product with typical opaque green linings. Its aromatic flavor and creaminess combine with the flavor of the truffle, creating a unique and unparalleled combination of savours.

It is produced with only Italian goat milk. Its typical marbling gives the product taste and creaminess. On the palate, it is extremely soft and its goaty notes are uniquely delicate.

Typical DOP cheese of the traditios from Lombardia, reinterpreted with the quality distinguishing all our products. A highly refined cheese for demanding consumers.



Our international certifications guarantee the excellence of our products and the extreme care in our production processes. We provide a safe working environment in compliance with the most rigorous international hygiene and control standards.